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  • Best Comfortable Fit Mask
  • Full Nose and Mouth Cover Maximum Protection
  • Flu, Allergens, Air Pollution Protection
  • Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM 2.5
  • Extremely Lightweight / Patented Dual Vent System
  • Washable and Reusable

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BreatheSafe Pro Mask
 Damian Pruitt 
New York, United States
Fabric is light weight and soft. Have washed many times without issue. Been wearing it for a few months now and still going strong. 

Definitely worth the extra few bucks over a standard surgical white one. Those only last for a few hours while this one can be washed. Just make sure you properly disinfect it while you wash it and you should be good to use this mask for years even.
 Timothy Frank
San Diego, California
I purchased this face mask to protect myself from viruses, germs and the flu. I had concerns that it would be a nuisance but was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was and how well it stayed in place. I could breathe through it easily enough and soon forgot I was wearing it. 

These guys rock and also were nice enough to donate a few masks on my behalf to a local hospital where I work at. Definitely do your part, get a mask, and support the team at BreatheX.
 Charles Miller
Ohio, United States
We all know what a life-saver these things are. I urge everyone to get one of these and wear them out in public. 

Don't be stupid, now is NOT the time for games and going out partying and stuff. Please be respectful especially towards elders who can die from this virus that is going around. Think of your family and others, get a mask and wear one!
Where are you located?
We are a USA company with our main headquarters in California. All of our customer support agents and product engineering staff are proudly all working from the states.
What does the dual vent system do?
The dual vent system helps provide a much more enjoyable mask wearing experience by providing more air to be able to go in and out through the filtration filters than the standard no vent or even the single vent masks.
Are these masks sold on Amazon or anywhere else?
No they are not. Unfortunately Amazon along with hundreds of other big store retailers are removing masks from their inventory to focus on other essential products. We believe that these masks are essential and should be available to the general public as well.
How soon can I expect delivery?
Orders are shipped every day and we are working around the clock to ensure on time deliveries. Our current shipping delivery time is around 7-14 days upon purchasing.
Does the mask filter your exhale to protect others if the wearer is infected?
Yes definitely! The air coming in and going out is going through the same filtration system and chambers to make sure the air you are breathing in and out is protected.
Where can filters be bought?
You can purchase a 5 pack filter set by Contact us
Is it washable? Does the filter have to be replaced every time it is worn?
Yes this mask is completely reusable and washable. We suggest hand washing it with antibacterial detergent or soap, or on low settings in the laundry. No the filter does not need to be replaced every time it is worn and typically are changed every 1-2 weeks depending on your use. In more extreme conditions or if you think you have been exposed to the virus, we do suggest immediately changing out the filter after use in order to limit accidental cross contamination.
Does it fit kids?
Yes it can fit most kids head sizes. It has an adjustable strap on the back that can be tightened with velcro and made to fit on smaller heads. The nose piece also can be adjusted and tightened as desired.